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Sudoku is a legendary puzzle game!

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Sudoku online – no registration needed

Do you want to relax after a working day or take a break from work? Are you a fan of logic puzzles? We offer you to play Sudoku, a super-popular game that has won the hearts of millions of people in all corners of the globe.


You can play Sudoku without registration at any time – we offer this opportunity to everyone. We guarantee the best performance, while all you need to begin is any browser.


This game has many advantages, among which we can highlight: improvement of memory, logical thinking, focus and much more. Playing Sudoku regularly helps improve mental abilities and ensures their constant exercising at any age. According to psychologists, this game is a great method of coping with depression.

The History of Sudoku

This game originates from another game called “Latin Squares”, which appeared by Leonhard Euler in the 18th century. On the basis of this game, numerical puzzles were invented in the 1970s in the USA. In 1979, the citizens of the US were able to try this game under the name “Number Place” (in Dell Puzzle Magazine).


Later, the puzzle appeared in Japan and gained huge popularity in the 1980-90s. After that, Sudoku becomes an inseparable part of many newspapers and magazines that are published in all countries.


Don’t miss a chance to play Sudoku online for free without registration. offers everyone the possibility to try his skills at solving this puzzle.


The Rules of the Game

In order to play Sudoku online, you must know the rules. They are the same, regardless of the type of this puzzle you play.


A person is given a playing field – the 9x9 square grid. It’s divided into nine smaller 3x3 grids with cells. The total number of cells is 81. Some cells already contain numbers from 1 to 9 (hints).


The player has one task only – to fill the remaining empty cells with the numbers from 1 to 9 but in a way that each row and each column of the big square, as well as each small grid of nine cells, don’t contain the same digit. In other words, in the above-mentioned areas, all digits should be different.

You can play Sudoku for free right now and choose a game of any level of complexity. We offer the following levels: Easy, Medium, Difficult, Expert. Such diversity allows everyone to try solving this puzzle, according to individual skills and abilities.


The lowest level allows a player to solve the puzzle using deductive reasoning (there’s always one cell where you can insert a digit). Our website offers you to play Sudoku without registration and select the suitable level – Easy, Medium, Difficult, or Expert, where there are several ways of solving the puzzle.

How To Play

Before the beginning of the game, a player has to select a level of complexity – everyone chooses the most suitable for himself. The interface is classic, the playing field is of standard size. Move the mouse cursor for selecting the necessary cell. Under the playing field, there are useful buttons if you need to undo the last action, erase the digits you’ve entered, make a mark and see the total amount of your actions.


You can always play Sudoku for free – our website gives you an opportunity to relax while solving an interesting puzzle that will engage you for several hours.