Play online Billiards Round Stones.

Play online Billiards Round Stones.

The game Round Stones can be attributed to many genres. But in general, we can say that the game combines the general principles of billiards, curling and air hockey. Score the blue stones in your pockets using a red stone and pusher. Billiard games are the basis of this game.

Collect stars, get bonuses, play extra mini game. Large selection of levels and elements of the game will allow you to use different options and strategies for its passage.


★ Beat 100 wonderful, interesting, diverse and not simple levels.

★ Enjoy the beautiful graphics of the game.

★ Analyze possible combinations of strokes, considering the features of each level separately.

★ Light, unobtrusive background music makes the gameplay more comfortable.

If you are a fan of Billiards, the game is sure to please you!