Billiards is a popular intellectual sport

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Billiards is a popular intellectual sport

Most people believe that Billiards is more of a leisure activity, and not a sport, as there is no special physical activity. And this is absolutely not true! Professional billiard players can go for a game of about 4 kilometers. Here is and the obvious burden on its feet. And in order to produce an accurate and clear blow to the balls need prepared hands.

Naturally, Billiards should not be compared with athletics, gymnastics and other physically difficult sports. But it is obvious that physical activity is also present here.

History the emergence of.
История бильярда

History of Billiards.

The history of Billiards originates in the distant past. The first homeland of this sports game may be India. The second option indicates that Billiards was invented in China. But there is also a third option, which indicates that the basic principles of Billiards originate in medieval Europe. In Germany, there was a game called “Balkespiel” – very similar to Billiards. The game took place at massive tables with solid, roughly made sides and recesses. The main objective of the game was to score a stone ball in the recess of the enemy with the help of special polished clubs.

A similar game “Pall-mallspill” originated in England. In this game instead of a table the special trampled down platform was used, and there were several balls. Players had to score a certain number of stones at the gates set on the ground on these platforms. Gradually, the game “Pall-Mallspill” left the open area in the room.

Where did the name come from.
Why is the game called “Billiards” is also not known. As the Englishman John Wilka claimed, the game was originally called “ballyerds”.The words “ball” and “yerd”, which meant the ball-and-stick translated from the old Saxon language, respectively. Those who adhere to the French version of the origin of the word say that Billiards comes from the words “bill” (ball) and “billart”(wooden stick).

Initially, the pool tables were completely different: they were large, their plane was rough and bumpy, the sides did not have modern elasticity, the balls hitting them, almost did not spring. Interestingly, the pool tables could be of different shapes: circle, square, hexagon. Little by little everything moved to the fact that the standard for the size of pool tables was adopted. The table can only be quadrangular, with a clear proportion-2: 1 (length to width). The rectangular shape made it possible to place six pockets at the same distance, influenced the appearance of the original techniques and types of attacks. In addition, the game has acquired a modern shape.

Equipment for the game.
The farther, the more modernized became the equipment for Billiards. The pockets were equipped with mesh bags, the edges of the tables began to be covered with rough natural matter and rubber. The surface of the table was covered with a special cloth, the raw material for the manufacture of the table was chosen of proper quality. The wooden cue replaced the bulky baton. Time passed, and Billiards evolved with him. In today’s world, Billiards remains the same popular game as in the past.

Types of Billiards.
There are several leading variants of Billiards: American, English, Russian and French.
Виды бильярда

Types of Billiards.

The most famous type of pool game in the world is the American pool. In this billiard game using 16 multi-colored balls. Victory can be achieved if the balls are driven into the pockets in a strictly defined order. The table should be 9-foot. This is less than for other types of Billiards. And pockets same contrary more – about 130mm. Due to the size of the inventory, the games become shorter and the game more energetic and exciting. Playing pool is pretty easy, so it has so many fans.

Russian Billiards-a more complex version of Billiards. Here the necessary qualities such as attentiveness, concentration and good tactics. Pockets in this pool small-72mm, and 68 mm – the size of the ball. The game is played with 15 balls with numbering and a cue ball without a number. Rules of Russian Billiards-to score in the hole should be a cue ball without a number after it hits the ball with the number.

In Europe, and especially in England is known for another type of Billiards – snooker. Here the rules of the game are more complicated than in the pool. The set consists of 22 balls:15 red, 6 multi-color and one cue ball. Coloring balls talks about different points for accurate hitting in the pocket. The task in this pool is to earn more points than the opponent. In snooker, the game takes place on wide tables (about 12 feet) and with small pockets (120mm.). It is important for the player to have impeccable technique and intelligence.
French carom-an unusual category of Billiards, where the table does not provide pockets. The cannon are addicted to in Europe, on the Islands of Japan, and South America. The game is played with 3 balls (2 white and 1 red). The task of the cannon is to get the maximum number of points from the blows of the cue ball with two other balls.
There are a number of international billiard formations in the world. The most famous international billiard organization is the international Federation of Billiards and snooker (IBSF). It originated in 1973. Now it includes more than 70 countries from 5 continents. In 1968 the world Association of professional Billiards and snooker (WPBSA) was born. The Association organizes the world Cup, UK championship, Grand Prix, masters and Premier League. The game of Billiards was first included in the plan of the IV World games in Japan in 2001. He now remains a sport in the program of the World games.

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