Lunar Pool-game as inspiration

Lunar Pool-game as inspiration

Once, in the reviews of the game Round Stones read a note by the user that the game reminded him of the beautiful old game Lunar Pool. Honestly, at first not remembered, googled and “fine IT is.” This is the game that gave me the idea to create Round Stones, this game is the basis for the creation of non-standard Billiards!

This old game-a simulator of Billiards, but rather its varieties called “pool” appeared in the 80s, even in the days of the huge popularity of the nes console.

Here everything is like in a real pool: on the table there are several numbered balls and one sparkling ball. Last, you need to use in order to hit other balls and pocket them into the holes. At the same time, in any case it is impossible to allow the sparkling ball to fall into the pocket itself. That is, accuracy in this game above all. The laws of physics are implemented quite well. You can calculate the force of impact, and its direction. And before the game you can even choose the surface of the table. You can choose from over two hundred surfaces with different levels of friction.

However, all the similarities with the real pool end as soon as the player will score in the pockets of all the balls on the first level and safely go to the second. Here the table will no longer have a classic shape. It will appear projections that prevent the balls fall into the pocket. And then the tables will cease to be rectangular and begin to take a variety of forms. Balls on the tables, as well as pockets will be located in such places that perform the main mission — to score the ball in the pocket and at the same time your own ball to leave on the table will be very difficult. In total, the game has 30 tables of different shapes. Each of them with the passage of all levels will meet twice with the only difference that the balls on them will be located in different places. Thus, the game consists of 60 levels. But it is not necessary to go through everything, because in the beginning you can select any of them using the nes joystick direction buttons.

The variety of table shapes that isn’t in the classic pool doesn’t make this game any worse. On the contrary, it is to some extent even more interesting than the real pool.

The player has three lives. They are lost when hit in the pocket of his own, blinking ball or after three misses in a row. For the successful completion of the level the player is awarded an extra life. And if all the balls are scored without a single miss, in addition to life, the player will also receive a relatively lot of extra points.

You can play not only alone, but with a friend who will be in the hands of the second nes joystick. And if such a friend suddenly will not be there, you can play with artificial intelligence, which, however, does not work very well here and often does all sorts of stupid things that defy logic. But artificial, almost “endless” life, and it will play as long as life does not end the player.

Thanks. All have a great time!

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